Blue Ox Diamond Hitch Diamond Gooseneck Hitch DH1204 14-5287

Item No: 14-5287
Brand: Blue Ox
Mfg No: DH1204
Manufacturer: Blue Ox
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Ford 2011-2012 F250, F350 and F450, long bed and short bed includes Super Duty. The Revers-A-Ball has a spring loaded locking mechanism to secure the ball in place. Unlatch the ball by pushing the safety thumb lock to release then rotate and remove the ball. Invert the ball and place back into the socket, maximizing precious truck bed space. * The unique Revers-A-Ball locking ball eliminates the need for under bed handles and levers. * Optimal ball location for proper load distribution on the truck suspension with a 10 per cent increased turning radius. * 30,000 lb gross towing weight and 7,500 lb tongue weight.